Aluminum Pinion Gear M06 (MoS2 impregnated)

We keep releasing the series of M06 Pinion Gear because the pinion gears of DP48 and DP64 have received rave reviews from all the users. The new-released pinion gears have not only the features of MoS2 impregnated but also the distiction of light-weight. There are 19 specifications of the pinion gears for the M06 series, from 13T to 30T. You can see more details in the lin

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Titanium LowPro Head Screws

It is said that the LowPro Head Screws are so popular right now! Our LowPro Head Screws: Using Ti6AL-4V (Grade 5) and made by CNC machined. The appearance is sophisticated and the precision is quite high. Our screws are not only low-profile but also lightweight!   You can see more details in the link down below: http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d2.ph

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10PX Light Weight Screw Set

Not only lighten your Transmitter. The most important, through the tiny color changed of the screws, you can have your own unique 10PX!  

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