SANWA M17 Lightweight Screw Set

  We chose Aluminum 7075-T6 for the material and also provided 5 colors for you to select.   There are 19 pcs of screws in one pack.   Besides mutiple choices for the color, the weight will be reduced about 5.8 g after replacing our M17 Lightweight screw set! M17 Lightweight Screw Set : http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d2.php?c1_id=5&c2_id=16&c

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Power Cable Silver Ghost!

Everyone knows besides gold, Silver has the highest conductivity among all the ingredients.  However, only a few manufacturers are willing to develop power cable with silver wire.  Maybe some audio equipment related industry would develop it but there’s no other manufacturer has developed something like silver wire in RC industry.   We have targeted a

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Power Cable Silver Ghost

Coming Soon!

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