M2.5 Titanium Hex Socket Screw

We have even more options for you to choose from our Titaniium screw series! We added M2.5 with 4 different length for button head and flat head screws. There are 4 pcs of screws for each pack. If you feel like you'd like to get one, contact our distributor or dealer near you!   Button Head : http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d2.php?c1_id=8&c2_id=24&c3_

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Coming Soon...

T4'20 Bruno Edition Screw Set Coming Soon...

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Hard Anodized Aluminum Screws.

  For Aluminum Screws series, we've added a Hard Anodized version for it.     Features to Hard Anodizing : ● Corrosion Resistance ● Wear Resistance ● Insulation ● Surface Hardness Added

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