★Jörn Neumann has joined in Team HIRO SEIKO★

We're glad and would like to announce that Mr. Jörn Neumann has joined our team. Here are some messages that Jörn would like to share : "I am very happy to join the Hiro Seiko team, I already started to use their titanium screws in my cars. If you want to lighten your cars and have a great look, Hiro Seiko screw kits is what you need."

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XeRun V10 G3 Titan/Alum. Lightweight Screw Kit

Here are the lightweight screw kit that everyone is craving for.  We’d like to introduce lightweight screw kit for Xerun V10 G3.   The difference between G3 screw kit and other motor screw kit we created is that we are using 3 pieces of Titanium M2 x 43mm screws instead of using Aluminum screws.   But we are still using Aluminum screws for the M2.4 x 5mm screws

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Aluminum Hex Screws in Green & Pink

  We added two more colors which are Green and Pink based on the specification that we have at the moment.  There are 10 different colors for users / drivers to select.   Aluminum Button Head M3 Screw (Pink) Length : 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d3.php?p_id=959   Aluminum Flat Head M3 Screw (Pink) Length :

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